Marble Sodas


who we are

Marble soda was established in the year 2018 in a small roof top by the Senthil Andavar beverages. Remembering drinking goli soda when we were kids but slowly the evolution of several soft drinks has demised the word “goli soda”. In order to bring life to our extinct product we have started this marble soda “the return of ancient pride”.

Marble soda comes in different Flavours like lemon, orange, paneer, blueberry, green apple, pine apple and strawberry. Marble soda has its goli soda in biriyani shop, tea stalls and also takes party orders at much affordable price. We work hard to meet the highest standard of quality



As our consumers deserve refreshing and high quality beverages its our goal to satisfy their needs at cheapest price. We guarantee to provide high level taste in a much clean and hygeine bottle which makes you to reach us again and again.